Why an electric toothbrush?

Why Should Kids Use An Electric Toothbrush?
Published on Dec 27, 2023

Why an electric toothbrush?

Why Should Kids Use An Electric Toothbrush?

As your child grows, we at Jordan Job DDS recommend the electric toothbrush. Many of them come with an app that gives rewards for goals met. Especially when you start them off at a young age with the app it is a friendly, hands off way of creating a brushing routine. Many children are trying to assert their independence and do things on their own. It gets them used to brushing for 2 whole minutes, and the vibration gets them used to the one they will feel when a hygienist cleans their teeth in the office. The Phillips Sonicare app has a cute little purple creature that needs it’s teeth brushed twice a day. The child can brush their teeth at the same time as Sparkly; and Sparkly walks them through brushing every surface, showing his mouth as they brush their mouth. As they brush their teeth his teeth get clean. The visual is really encouraging and as a parent I feel relieved to pass the teaching of this routine over to an adorable, purple Sparkly. Visualizing all the surfaces of a tooth can be hard for kids. They often think if they got the chewing surface they got it all. Every time my child brushes her teeth an adorable purple creature is showing her exactly the right way, coaching her to get all the surfaces as the timer counts down. When finished she is congratulated and receives a virtual prize for Sparkly. Her favorite is the spray can that changes Sparkly’s color. In addition to all this the electric toothbrush is also getting more surface area than a typical brush held by a child because the electric toothbrush is moving. What is it we hear ourselves saying to our children? “Keep brushing! Keep moving it around in little circles! You can do it!”. Why electric? As parents we need all the help we can get, and if a twice daily coach comes with a moving toothbrush, that is worth it in my book. Other brands that have an app are Crest Oral B, and Colgate Magik. 

Written by Amanda Ruehlen RDA 

Parent of one, Caring for all.

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