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At Jordan M. Job DDS, we recognize that misaligned teeth can lead to dental issues like malocclusion, tooth crowding, off-center smile midlines, and spacing causing unwanted food traps. Our solution involves orthodontic care, offering both traditional braces and invisible braces options. These treatments aim to straighten your teeth, improve occlusion for better chewing, and enhance your overall quality of life and confidence.

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A Straight Smile Without Metal Braces

Are you hesitant to show your smile due to crooked or crowded teeth in social situations? If you’ve thought about orthodontics but want to avoid metal on your teeth, our Parma, OH dental office provides an alternative with SimplyClear clear braces. These braces offer a solution for achieving a beautiful, straight smile without the need for brackets and wires.

Similar to Invisalign, SimplyClear allows adults to seamlessly integrate orthodontic treatment into their busy lives. Dr. Job collaborates with the Orthobrain orthodontic laboratory to meticulously plan your case, ensuring you attain the smile you’ve always desired. The best part? These clear braces are discreet, making them virtually unnoticeable to others! Treatment with clear aligners is not only comfortable and convenient but also ensures your beautiful smile remains uncompromised

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Advantages of SimplyClear Aligner Therapy

There are so many advantages to straightening your teeth with SimplyClear compared to traditional braces:

  • bracesSimplyClear aligners have no sharp edges or wires to poke into your cheeks.
  • smileThe crystal-clear plastic used for clear aligners blends into your smile, so treatment is more discreet.
  • foodYou can remove your clear aligners for meals, and there are no food restrictions.
  • brushBrushing and flossing are easy because you don’t have to navigate the brush and floss around metal brackets and wires.

SimplyClear treatment times are different for everyone and depend on the extent of the misalignment and the corrections Dr. Job needs to make. Typically, treatment takes about 12 to 15 months, but you will start to notice subtle improvements to your smile in just a few months. You’ll stay motivated to stick to your treatment plan because you can see clear aligners working!

What Problems Does SimplyClear Fix?

Don’t let the ease of SimplyClear treatment fool you; clear aligner therapy is a highly effective orthodontic treatment that corrects many of the same issues as traditional braces. With SimplyClear, we can address crooked, crowded, or overlapped teeth and common bite problems such as overbites and underbites.

How Does SimplyClear Treatment Work?

Once you and Dr. Job agree that you’re a candidate for clear aligner therapy, he’ll take x-rays, photos, and digital scans of your teeth to plan treatment. Using specialized software, our SimplyClear dentist develops a treatment plan that predicts how your teeth will move through each stage of treatment.

The Orthobrain lab and Dr. Job plan out your case and customize several sets of clear aligners designed to move your teeth into the ideal position gradually. When they’re ready, you’ll return to our dental office, so Dr. Job can give you your first aligners along with instructions for wearing them.

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Step 1

Place Aligners

Typically, during your initial aligner appointment, you’ll meet with Dr. Job. At this time, he will place tooth-colored attachments on your teeth, virtually unnoticeable. Additionally, he will perform IPR, a small procedure creating space in crowded teeth to facilitate tooth movement. Either Dr. Job or one of our experienced staff members will guide you through instructions and address any further questions about your case.

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Step 2

Adjust to Your new Aligners

For optimal results, it is advised to wear your aligners for 22 hours a day, removing them only during meals and for oral hygiene practices. The more consistently you wear them, the quicker you’ll progress towards achieving your desired smile.

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Step 3

Change Aligners

Wear each set of aligners for a duration of 10-14 days, taking into consideration their tightness. If, after 10 days, they no longer feel tight, proceed to the next set. Conversely, if they still feel tight after 10 days, continue wearing them for the full 14 days.

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Step 4

Progress Check-In!

We suggest scheduling a progress check at our dental office every four to six weeks to receive your subsequent sets of aligners.

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Step 5

Transition to Retainers

Upon achieving satisfaction with your smile and bite, either Dr. Job will carefully remove the attachments from your teeth. Subsequently, you’ll transition to removable retainers, and we strongly advise wearing them every night for optimal results.

Remember that the longer you wear your aligners each day, the faster you will finish treatment. If you have an event like a wedding, reunion, job interview, or your dream date, go ahead and take your aligners out – just remember to brush and floss before you put them back in!

Treatment progresses this way until you’ve worn all the aligners, and you and Dr. Job agree that you have achieved the beautiful results you wanted.

Are You a Candidate for SimplyClear Aligners?

If you’ve been waiting for a solution to straighten crooked teeth without metal braces, we would love to tell you about SimplyClear. Please call Jordan M. Job DDS to schedule an appointment to get started!

While some patients may opt for clear aligner therapy, we also provide traditional braces as an alternative. Teenagers have the option of wearing clear aligners for minor corrections, but in certain cases, traditional braces are necessary as not all tooth movements can be accomplished with clear aligners alone. In adult patients, clear aligners can address nearly any orthodontic need, ensuring excellent results.

Dr. Job will discuss all your treatment options with you and is committed to being as flexible as possible to ensure you achieve the smile of your dreams!

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We are pleased to offer SimplyClear clear aligners, which are very similar to Invisalign. With SimplyClear invisible braces, you can straighten your teeth easily, discreetly, and without metal braces.

Steps for Getting Clear Aligners
The process for getting SimplyClear goes as follows:

Upon your initial meeting with Dr. Job, a comprehensive oral health examination will be conducted, featuring digital x-rays, a comfortable digital scan providing a 3-D image of your teeth, and before-treatment photos. These elements contribute to understanding the underlying dental health and assessing the extent of tooth misalignment. Dr. Job collaborates with the Orthobrain laboratory to review your case, ensuring your suitability for clear aligner therapy.

The Orthobrain Lab then crafts the necessary Simply Clear aligners to move your teeth into the correct position. When you collect your aligners, the initial five sets will be provided. Each set is sequentially designed to induce the required movement for straightening your smile. Follow the recommended wear duration for each set (typically 10-14 days), progressing to the next set afterward.

Approximately every six weeks, you’ll visit our Parma dental office for Dr. Job to assess your progress and provide the subsequent set of aligners. This cycle continues until all aligners have been worn, typically spanning 12 to 18 months, concluding when you and Dr. Job agree that the treatment is complete.

Am I able to eat with Clear Aligners in?

To maintain the integrity of your aligners, it is recommended to refrain from eating while wearing them, as it may lead to staining, distortion, or breakage. Similarly, avoiding colored liquids is advisable as the aligners can retain stains. Drinking water, however, is permitted. Removable clear aligners offer the flexibility to consume any type of food without the concern of brackets causing food entanglement or developing sores. Additionally, they make brushing and flossing more convenient.

Due to the crystal-clear material, these aligners are discreet, making them inconspicuous to others. Throughout the process, you’ll observe gradual progress each time you transition to a new set of aligners.

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