5 Tips for Choosing the Best Local Dentist

If you're curious about how to find the best local dentist, check out these five tips for choosing the best one in your area!
Published on Oct 17, 2022

5 Tips for Choosing the Best Local Dentist

Sometimes it’s easy to choose which dentist you want to see. If you have to drive hours to your favorite dentist that’s out of town, choosing a local dentist clearly saves you time and fuel. You can get there quickly if you’re in a lot of pain, as well. However, some of the benefits are less obvious, but can still make a huge difference when compared to visiting a dentist that’s not local. Here are five tips for choosing the best local dentist.

1. Choose a Private Practice Dental Office

When selecting which dental office you want to start going to, you should always opt for a private practice office over a corporate practice. Private practice dental offices will care more about their patients because they’re not focused solely on revenue. A private practice will spend more time with patients. They’ll also likely be more up to date on the best standard of care because they’re not dealing with corporate regulations and bureaucracy. They’re very common, too. According to the Health Policy Institute in 2021, 73% of all U.S. dentists operate their own private practice. Chances are pretty high that you have more than a few local private practice dental offices in your own town.

2. Choose a Dentist That Offers Holistic Dental Care

Even if you currently don’t need a specialist dentist, you might need one in the future. Choose a dentist who offers holistic dental care, or one who provides a range of dental services and treatments. Make sure the dentist has a wealth of knowledge in their area of specialization. Having access to holistic dental care means you won’t have to look for another dentist in case you need a specialized dental service or treatment done.

3. Choose a Dentist With a Simple Booking System

You need a dentist with an easy-to-use online booking system. Online booking should save time and allow you to book a slot that won’t disrupt your schedule. The good news is that most credible dentists that are up to date with today’s technology will utilize such a system.

4. Choose a Dentist That Offers Flexible Payment Plans

A great dentist should accept all the major health insurance plans or have flexible and affordable payment plans. Having access to a range of payment options, especially if you don’t have access to insurance, will give you peace of mind.

5. Choose a Dental Office That Is Using Modern Practices and Technology

The practice of dentistry is evolving rapidly. For the most affordable and effective dental service and treatment, ask your prospective local dentist if they are using the best and most current dental technology. An effective dental treatment should include a quick recovery time. Modern tools and technology ensure that the treatments and procedures you receive are as effective and painless as possible. The best dentist is the one you trust the most to handle your oral health. Beyond that, they should have flexible payment plans and accept different types of health insurance. Choose a dentist who provides a holistic service, since you may need different types of dental services in the future. Contact Jordan M. Job DDS for all of your dental treatment needs.

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